uñas de gel mono-phase

Mono-Phase Gel Nails

THUYA Professional Line’s innovative Gel Mono-phase technique allows you to achieve perfect sculpted nails quickly, using less product.
Thus, the professional will be able to make the most of their service, while their clients save time.



  1. The professional should wash her hands with the Antibacterial Purifying Soap.
  2. Preparation of the work area. Disinfect the client’s hands and work material with the Preparatory Hyginiec Solution.
  3. Apply Cuticle Softener for artificial nails on cuticles. With the help of the orange tree stick or the Cuticle Pusher, remove the cuticle.
  4. File the nail plate to open the longitudinal channels and mechanically degrease the nail so that the product adheres better. Do it with the Blue Padded File 120/240.
  5. Apply the Artificial Nail Prep to dehydrate.
  6. Once dry, apply the Bonder with the help of Brush º 0 on the nail, avoiding touching the skin. The Bonder performs chemical degreasing on the natural nail and facilitates adherence.
  7. Select the appropriate tip, adapting it perfectly to the sides of the nail and cover 1/3 of the natural nail. Adhere the tip with the glue. Cut the tip with the Cutter.
  8. Apply the Tips Diluent with the help of a swab to the connection link, to facilitate filing of the link and remove excess glue.
  9. File the connection link with the help of the Blue Padded File 120/240.
  10. Apply the Bonder only on the natural nail.
  11. With the Gel Brush, take a portion of Mono-phase Gel, enough to make a nail with its volumes. To do this, apply at the junction and distribute the product with a free edge to the cuticle in a zig-zag manner, without pressing the gel.
  12. Let dry 3 minutes in UV Lamp.
  13. Once the nail is dry, finish the nail with Finish Gel and with the help of a tissue, to remove the gel that does not finish drying.
  14. File with the 100/180 Gray Padded File.
  15. Polish with the Flash Finisher File.
  16. Finish the nail with the UV Top Coat Shine. Apply a thin layer and let dry
  17. Apply Gel to sensitive cuticles, by cuticles and sides of the nail, to hydrate the cuticle, with a light massage.
  18. Apply restructuring regenerating gel, by cuticles and sides of the nail, with a light massage. Recommend to the client to wash their hands, to remove the remains of dust caused by the files