Gel On-Off

Thuya’s Permanent Gel On-Off Thuya offers perfect finishes for your manicures. Thanks to its long duration, its easy application, extraordinary brightness and the best retired. Thuya has a collection with more than 120 permanent nail polish colors and the highest quality guarantee. All Thuya permanent nail polishes are made in our own laboratory, which guarantees high intensity pigments, incredible texture and total control of the production process.

Encuentra tu color
Deluxe Aloha (7)
Deluxe Candy (7)
Deluxe Cotton (7)
Deluxe Cup Cake (7)
Deluxe Forest (6)
Deluxe Francesa (7)
Deluxe Red (14)
deluxe safari (7)
Deluxe Sahara (7)
Deluxe Selection (7)
Deluxe Sugar (4)
Deluxe Velvet (7)
Tipo de producto
Base & Top Coat (10)
Display (10)
Kits (71)
Base (1)
Crystal (4)
Effects (26)
Fantasy (14)
Glitter (29)
Mat (14)
Metallic (12)
Neon (19)
Paint (14)
Pastel (6)
Relief (3)