The Whitening product line is specially designed to treat skin blemishes. Attenuates the tone of the spots leaving the skin homogeneous and uniform. Its active substances are boerhaavia diffusa and nicotinamide (vitamin B3). As a result you will have a radiant, smooth and uniform skin: a skin without spots.


  • Depigmenting and lightening assets
  • It acts on the initial mechanisms of pigmentation
  • Decreases melanogenic activity
  • More homogeneous and uniform skin tone
  • Reduction of skin blemishes and different types of hyperpigmentation


Lotions created to remove dirt and impurities from the skin, refresh and disinfect it. Keep the PH balanced. It help to remove excess fat for subsequent exfoliation.


Essential step to get the best results. Three exfoliating products with different textures and sizes, to cover any need of the area to be treated.


Lightens blemishes, leaving your skin even and smooth with BOERHAAVIA DIFFUSA & NICOTINAMIDE (vitamin B3).


Two perfect kits for you. Complete to perform as many services as you want, or Beauty Program in comfortable pods..