The Regenerating product line is designed to enhance intensive hand and foot nutrition. With active ingredients of rosehip and organic extracts, this treatment activates and stimulates cell regeneration, nourishing the skin from the inside and restoring its balance. As a result you will have a smoother, more elastic, soft and radiant skin: a regenerated skin.

Active Ingredients: Rosehip, Vitamin F and Onopordum Acanthium Organic Extract.



Lotions created to remove dirt and impurities from the skin, refresh and disinfect it. Keep the PH balanced. It help to remove excess fat for subsequent exfoliation



Essential step to get the best results. Three  exfoliating products with different textures and sizes, to cover any need of the area to be treated.


Activates and stimulates cell regeneration, nourishing the skin from the inside and restoring its balance.


Three perfect kits for each professional. Complete for multiple services, essential to try the treatment and beauty program in single dose format.