The Anti-Aging product line is designed to activate and stimulate cell regeneration of the hands. With Wu-zhu-yu extract, they nourish the skin from the inside and restore its balance., Activating the collagen. This line is focused on an anti-aging treatment that recovers the firmness and elasticity of the skin in an instant. The result is firmer, smooth and young skin.



Lotions created to remove dirt and impurities from the skin, refresh and disinfect it. Keep the PH balanced.
It help to remove excess fat for subsequent exfoliation.


Essential step to get the best results. Three exfoliating products with different textures and sizes, to cover. Any need of the area to be treated.


Anti-ageing effect: instantly restores
firmness and elasticity with WU-ZHU-YU EXTRACT.


Two perfect kits for every need. Complete kit to perform treatment in the salon and Beauty kit to continue treatment at home.