permanente de pestañas y tinte de pestañas

Eyelash perming and tinting

Service that allows the eyelashes undulation and colour for more expressive look

1. Disinfect the hands of the tech and the utensils to be used with the Preparatory hygienic Solution
2. Clean the eye area with Eye make-up remover with curcuma, even if the client is not wearing makeup
3. Apply Permanent eyelash glue on the upper eyelid as close to the root of the hair
4. Curve the curlers and adhere it on the glue that you applied before
5. Apply Permanent Eyelash Glue on the curler
6. With an Orange Stick, adhere the hair to the curler, paying special attention to the correct order and thus obtain satisfactory results.
7. Apply a portion of Permanent Gel with the orange stick on the eyelashes. Cover the area with osmotic film and a bandeau. Leave it for 15 minutes
8. After 15 minutes, remove the previous product with a dry cotton swab.
9. Apply Neutralizer with a stick and re-cover the area with Osmotic Film and a bandeau for another 15 minutes.
10. After the exposure time, remove the product and the curler, with water moistened cotton pad
11. Dry the area with a tissue.
12. Apply a layer of special dye protector cream all around the eyes, avoiding touching the hair.
13. Apply the protector paper on the lower eyelid.
14. Make the dye mixture in the plastic Godet. For each measure of Dye (a grain of rice), a drop of Special Dye Cream Solution.
15. Apply the mixture with a brush on the eyelashes, covering all the hair. Leave it for 10 minutes.
16. After the exposure time, remove the product with water moistened cotton pad.
17. Comb the area with the Eyelash Regenerating Cream.
18. Daily use of eyelashes regenerating cream is recommended