Nuevo kit Brow plus

The eyebrows are the focus of attention and the protagonists of the eye services that need to be highlighted to achieve a natural finish.

The new Brows Plus kit contains everything necessary for its care and maintenance, ending with a perfect fixation and color.

This spectacular pack includes:

  • Brow Shampoo:a self-foaming shampoo for deep cleaning of the eyebrows, perfect to apply before tinting and / or laminating service.
  • Brow Scrub: eyebrow scrub that leaves the area free of impurities
  • Brow Paste:a white pigmented lipophilic paste with double function: on one hand it protects the skin by preventing it from staining, and on the other hand it marks the shape to be given to the eyebrows before waxing, allowing greater definition.
  • Color & Shape Fixer:perfect serum to fix the shape and color of the tint of the eyebrows that protects them and prolongs the effect duration.
  • Color remover:tint stain remover for perfect service

The perfect pack to take care of your clients’ eyebrows and open up a new dimension to them.

Add a plus to your eyebrow services!

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