The family grows with the Deluxe EXOTIC collection!

We feel like the most intense Caribbean tropical heat with a soft and fresh breeze. Our new Exotic collection will give your clients that breath of pure and exotic air they need to brighten up their day to day and enjoy on vacation.

Our range ofpremium Deluxe nail polishes contains more than 80 shades to choose from with an extraordinary shine, fast drying and excellent covering properties.

This collection includes 3 new nail polishes for the tropical dream manicures and the 3 most glamorous tropical nail polishes:

  • Palm Tree:a silky and resistant intense green to transport you to the most summery and populated jungle
  • Caribbean Sky:a sky blue nail polish that will remind you of the purest blue of the Caribbean sky for the most imaginative manicures
  • Pink Paradise:a strong and heavenly pink shade to enjoy sunbathing on any heavenly beach
  • Ocean:a bluish-green tone perfect to enjoy the beauty of the seabed in your most summery manicures.
  • Coral Rose:a coral-toned nail polish. Vital and energetic that will give dynamism to your manicures with a delicate and natural touch
  • Summer Orange:a deep, very covering orange. Ideal for the most intrepid and striking personalities who want to stand out

Exotic deluxe nails


This season the difficult thing will be to choose which outfit to combine these enamels with, since they will all be on your must-have list.

Are you going to wear them this vacation?


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