The care and protection of natural nails is very important to keep them healthy, at Thuya, we have developed a new line made up of 5 specific products to solve each type of problem. Brittle nails, weak, sensitive, grooved or cracked nails now have a solution.

Choose the treatment that best suits your nails and restores their health:

  • CUTICLE SOFTENER SCRUB: a soft gel with cellulose particles to soften the cuticles. It will also make the exfoliation on the cuticle and nails, suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Eliminates dead cells from the nail and its contour. Healthier, cleaner and more beautiful nails.
  • RIDGE FILLER BASE: Air drying Base Coat. Improves the appearance of the nail. Immediately fills in grooves and conceals any imperfections. Strengthens the nail and creates an illuminating effect. With frequent use, nails improve their resistance and hydration. Immediate results.
  • VITAMIN COMPLEX: a gel composed of a vitamin complex A+C+E+F for the treatment of dry, brittle, delicate, thin and/or dehydrated nails. Its gel-like texture leaves no greasy residue and facilitates its absorption. Stronger, more resistant and flexible nails. Visibly improving the appearance. For fast and effective results, apply daily, at least once a day. For 45 days.
  • GEL RESCUE: Formulated treatment with BIO-derived ingredients, such as Bamboo extract, promotes nail health, reducing grooves and improving natural shine. Perfect for nails that have suffered damage after building treatments. Provides a flexible and protective shield to the natural nail and creates a robust film to reinforce nail strength. Apply every 2/3 days depending on the condition of the nails.
  • NAILS RECOVER: an intensive repair treatment for peeled nails, with white spots, split layers and/or soft nails. Its gel-like texture leaves no greasy residue and facilitates its absorption. The nails become more resistant and flexible, recovering a healthy appearance and repairing and rebuilding the nail layer so that the nails grow healthy and strong. For fast and effective results, apply daily, at least once a day. For 45 days.


Don’t forget that we also have a complete collection of 8 treatments, among which are these 3:

  • ACRYLIC EFFECT HARDENER: strengthens and protects. Contains Nylon fibers that increase the resistance, elasticity and shine of the nail. Gives flat and thin nails a smoothing effect and fills in nail irregularities for a perfect polish finish. Contains UV-A and UV-B protection.
  • GROWTH OPTIMIZER: SOS treatment with calcium to stimulate the growth of damaged, dull and broken nails. Its formula favors absorption by the tissue that forms the nails, moisturizing and revitalizing them. It has a mineralizing effect. It can be applied directly on the nails as if it were a nail polish base coat. Once dry, it remains on the nail and maintains its effect for a prolonged period of time.
  • PROTEIN HARDENER: treatment formulated with algae extracts with a reinforced and mineralizing effect. Provides hardness and resistance, also improving the resistance of the enamels. It serves as base in the traditional enameling.


You no longer have an excuse to take care of your nails and restore all their splendour, vitality and shine.