Get ready for spring with our latest launch of 3 must-have permanent gel on-off nail polishes for the season. Three fantasy-filled shades, vibrant, cheerful, and intense, perfect for creating your dream manicures.

  • Summer Pool: An elegant and serene blue. A medium tone that is strong and delicate at the same time. Dive into our new gel on-off Summer Pool.
  • Chilly Pepper: A new orange-red shade with the intensity of neon. Full of vitality and energy. This spicy and fun color is sure to make a statement.
  • Amazonian: The ultimate green, an intense shade filled with light and power that will transport you to exotic places.

Discover them alongside our range of over 200 semi-permanent gel on-off nail polish colors, available in two sizes: launching in 14ml for better value and will be available at a later date in 7ml for greater practicality.d.

You won’t be able to live without them!