We are crazy about neon! This summer, enjoy the sun, the beach and above all the color at its best with the new Neon Special Pack collection.

Eleven colors of vibrant, fresh, bold and powerful on-off permanent gel polish together with a coat base in a new 14ml double kit:

  • Neon Jungle: an intense and wild neon green perfect for this spring-summer season.
  • Neon Tangerine: is a mix of pink and orange tones that gives a warm and romantic color to your manicure.
  • Neon Hot Pink: is a permanent on-off gel polish with an intense and bold phosphor pink tone.
  • Neon Coral: the coral tone brought to its maximum expression and intensity.
  • Neon Orange: This semi-permanent nail polish gives a cheerful and fun touch to your manicure. An intense and bright orange with a neon effect.
  • Neon Pink: is a permanent on-off gel polish in a phosphor pink shade for the most daring manicures.
  • Neon Lilac: this nail polish combines the romanticism of lilac with the intensity of neon tones.
  • Neon Purple: is an intense and very powerful fluorine purple. A magical color with a neon finish that denotes firmness and confidence.
  • Neon Yellow: a fluorescent yellow nail polish, with a strong and suggestive character to become the center of attention.
  • Neon Green: is an intense green tone with a neon effect, lively and fun.
  • Neon Party: it is a neon pink tone, very sexy, intense and full of light. An indispensable in your summer’s permanent nail polish range.

Dazzle with its spectacular neon tones with stronger, riskier, surprising and bright manicure thanks to its incredible pigmentation and extraordinary shine.

Take advantage of it now and don’t miss this incredible kit to surprise with the most original and colorful nails. The hard part will be choosing which permanent nail polishes from the Neon Special Pack collection you will wear.

Long live the neon!

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