The new nails revolution package is full of surprises and contains the 6 semi-permanent nail polishes essential for your clients’ summer manicure. In addition, you get a Thermal Semi-Permanent Nail Polish Kit, consisting of 3 thermal colors of permanent on-off gel polish that change color with the hot / cold effect and an incredible beauty case.

Get the most out of your summer manicure with: Klein, Sexy, Tangerine, Rosa Divine, Cocktail and Ballet in their 14ml format, ideal for creating and surprising with their extraordinary shine and coloring power.

Combine the different shades of your choice for bolder or softer creations:

  • Klein:is a nail polish with a vibrant shade of blue full of light and intensity.
  • Sexy:this shade is passion and love made of color. As the name indicates, it is vibrant, intense and very sexy.
  • Tangerine:is a mix of pink and orange shades that gives a warm and romantic color to your manicure.
  • Rosa Divine: This semi-permanent nail polish is cheerful and stimulating, perfect for any type of nail art.
  • Cocktail:An orange-red permanent polish perfect for adding a touch of warmth and intensity to nails.
  • Ballet: it is a soft, sweet and relaxing pink. For a neutral and elegant manicure.

And for those looking for a different touch to take their manicure to the next level in a practical and convenient 7ml format:

  • Fuchsia & Pink:it is very different thermal nail polish not only changes color from a deep fuchsia to a sweet pink, but it all sparks metallic flashes.
  • Orchid & Nature: an incredible combination of a lilac pink permanent nail polish to a pastel green, just with a little heat our manicure will change color and create gradient effects.
  • Lilac & Blue:a perfect match between a lilac semi-permanent nail polish and a blue, a mix of very flattering cold tones.

Don’t miss your chance to get this amazing 3 for 1 to complement your center’s nail polish range.

What are you waiting for?

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