decoración de uñas the edge

The Edge nail art

The edge nails are the latest fashion in the world of sculpture and decoration. We say sculpture and decoration because, in fact, we wouldn’t know ho to define in which of the two sides of the nails we would classify it.

On one hand, its difference lies mainly in the innovative shape of the nail. But, on the other hand, it is a type of nail that only the most daring dare show… at the moment.

1- Preparation of the natural nail (traditional method)

2- Preparation of the mould.

Fold the mould completely and press it well on the central vertical line.

Take the width measurement on the client and, once defined, take out the mould and fold it again in the vertical line that coincides with its sides.

Once bent in three parts, we place the mould on the client’s finger and adhere the lower part of the mould so that we have a rhombus-shaped curve.

3- Sculpting

We will start by applying the premium pink acrylic powder to lengthen the nail bed of the client in a point shape since, being a very geometric nail, a round bed would not be aesthetic.

We are now preparing to build the French one. We start from the side, from the central part to the edge. This way we define the arrow shaped tip, perfectly defining the smile.

Once we have built one side, we go on to sculpt the other one, symmetrically with respect to the central axis, which remains elevated (^).

4- French finish

If the French one is in colour, we will cover the whole construction with standard acrylic glass powder, respecting the central edge.

If the French one is in white, we build with the Premium white acrylic powder, giving it the thickness of a final construction and keeping the central edge.

5- Filing

We will carry out the filing with the grey padded file, taking into account that it is a special filing, in order to maintain the geometry of the nail. The filing will be totally flat, straight and independent for each side. We will leave both surfaces straight and smooth, without round areas, thus maintaining the ^ shape.


We can finish with a decoration, making a flower in acrylic, a colored French, encapsulated elements such as the Mermaid’s Tail, etc.

6- Finish

Apply Fixative Gel and dry in the Wood’s Lamp for 3 minutes.Apply Sensitive Cuticle Gel to the client’s cuticle.