retirar esmalte semipermanente gel on-off

On-off permanent gel removal

The new technique of ON-OFF Gel allows to apply color on the natural nail in a semi-permanent way.

With a durability far superior to a traditional enamel. In this step by step we show the technique of removing the ON-OFF gel:

1. Disinfection of the client’s hands and work material with the Preparatory Hygiene Solution.

2. Place an aluminium foil under the client’s finger.

3. Moisten a cotton wool with Nail Polish Remover and cover the nail to be removed.

4. Wrap the nail with the aluminum foil and perform the same process on all fingers.

5. Leave the product to act for 10 to 15 minutes.

6. Remove the aluminium and cotton by gently sliding it out.

7. If there is any remaining product, remove it with the help of an orange stick.

8. Polish the nail with the Flash Finisher File.

9. Apply a special protective nutrient oil on the nail plate to nourish the nail. Recommend daily application.

10. Apply instant oil liss dry or sensitive cuticles.