How to Remove Nail Constructions at Home

Easily remove your nail constructions at home by following this step-by-step tutorial so you can show off your beautiful nails again. To do this you will need:

  • Nail Clippers
  • Gray Padded File
  • Particle Cleaning Brush
  • Oil Oil Instant Liss or Tea Tree.

Here is the step by step of how to remove nails built at home:

  1. Use the Nail Pliers to cut the length of the construction of each nail.
  2. With the Gray Padded File, file each nail across the top to reduce the thickness of the construction.
  3. File near the nail’s hypoquinium integrating the growth of the natural and construction nail. This way you will avoid lifts that can cause humidity
  4. Leaves a thin layer of product avoiding hurting the natural nail.
  5. Clean the rest with the Particle Cleaning Brush.
  6. Finish hydrating your cuticles with Oil Instant Liss or Tea Tree.