Soak Off Gel Application on Feet

Summer is approaching and we all want to wear perfect pedicures. We have told you before about our Soak Off gel, its advantages and how to apply it on hands with our Classic, Deluxe and On-Off nail polish.

Now, in this step by step, we want to teach you how to apply the Soak off on your feet to show them off during the summer.

  1. Disinfects with the Preparatory Hygienic Solution
  2. Prepare the cuticle with the Cuticle Pusher
  3. Perfect with the help of the Professional Nail Drill
  4. Remove the excess with the Cuticle Nail Clipper
  5. File the free edge with the Blue File 180/240
  6. Polish with the Flash Finisher File
  7. Apply Primer Without Acid with small touches and wait a couple of minutes for it to dry
  8. Apply a thin layer of Gel Soak Off
  9. Dry 30 seconds in Led Lamp 0 120 seconds in UV Lamp
  10. Apply a second layer of Soak Off Gel, providing the desired volume, sealing and perfecting the edges with the Brush 0 Gel
  11. Dry 30 seconds in Led Lamp 0 120 seconds in UV Lamp