extensión de pestañas

Eyelash extension


THUYA, the leading brand in professional eye products, offers a complete KIT to perform the service in your centre.

1. Prepare the work area. Place the material to be used on the stretcher. In a small ceramic cup, insert the enamel remover with acetone and place the tweezers that will be used later..
2. The professional will have to disinfect the work material with the Preparatory Hygiene Solution and the mask will be placed, to maintain the maximum hygiene.
3. Remove the makeup from the area with the special Eye Extensions Remover with the help of a cotton disk and dry with a tissue.
4. Cut two strips of plaster to allow the protective paper to adhere to the skin.

5. Place the protective paper for eyelash extension on the lower eyelid, leaving the lower eyelashes above it.

6. Colocar las tiras de Esparadrapo en forma de “X” sobre las pestañas inferiores. La primera, del extremo del ojo al centro y la segunda del lagrimal al centro.
7. Depositar una pequeña porción de Cola de Extensiones de Pestañas, en la parte posterior de un Godet de cristal.
8. Select a small number of eyelash extensions from the numbers to use and place them on the Eyelash Extension Sponge.
9. Select a small number of eyelash extensions from the numbers to use and place them on the Eyelash Extension Sponge.

10. Con la Pinza recta para extensiones, seleccionar una pestaña natural, evitar tocar con la pinza el párpado móvil.
11. Sumergir la mitad de la extensión de pestaña en el Pegamento de extensiones de pestañas.
12. Place the eyelash extension on the natural eyelash 1 mm from the root and wait for it to adhere slightly.
13. To speed up the drying process, ventilate the extension with the Valve for drying eyelash extensions.
Do not ventilate excessively, it can be annoying.
14. To perform full eye services, apply extensions in a series of 5 per eye.
15. If only the end is needed, a series of 3 will be applied.
16. Antes de finalizar el servicio y para comprobar la homogeneidad de la aplicación, peinar con el Cepillo peine o Cepillo máscara.
17. Once the service is finished, remove the protectors, little by little. If they are too sticky, remove them with a moistened disc in Water-based Eye Make-up Remover.
Remind the client of the maintenance to be followed for its correct durability..