Advanced Evolution Nail Gel

The Advanced Evolution Gel is used in biphasic construction and has excellent results. It offers great stability that allows you to work more than one nail at a time. It provides greater safety in filing, thanks to its flexibility and hardness. It has less drying time which makes the service more profitable.

In addition, it does not need a base. You can construct the entire nail with the builder colors. We have a wide color variety with 7 different tones that include 100% opaque cover.

  1. Disinfect utensils and hands and with the Hygienic Preparatory Solution
  2. Remove the cuticle with the Metal Pusher
  3. File the nail plate with the Blue Padded Lime 120/240 superficially and smoothly.
  4. Remove excess fat by applying a thin layer of Artificial Nail Preparer.
  5. Apply Bonder or Primer depending on the fatty nature of the nail.
  6. Place the tip or mold Salon Nail Form. Adapt it to the nail hypony and cut it if necessary to find a more subtle “C” curvature.
  7. Apply a thin layer of Advanced Evolution with the Gel Brush.
  8. Pour Brush Cleaner into a godet and remove excess product with your moistened Gel Brush.
  9. Dry in LED Lamp 30 seconds or in UV Lamp 2 minutes.
  10. Fix the curvature of the nail with the Pinching Tool.
  11. Dry again in UV 1 minute or LED 30 seconds and then remove the Pinching Tool and the mold.
  12. Apply a second coat of Advanced Evolution Gel.
  13. Dry in UV for 2 minutes or in LED 90 seconds.
  14. Remove the dispersion layer with the Gel Finisher.
  15. Perfect the edges with the 100/180 Gray Padded Lime and then with the 120/180 Black Fine Lime.
  16. Polish with the Lima Flash Finisher.
  17. Apply Fixing Gel with Sunscreen and dry in UV for 3 minutes or in LED for 90 seconds.
  18. Finally, you can apply the enamel you want.