New Premium Dye Kit

As experts in eyebrow and eyelash treatments we want to offer you the best tools for all the services of eyelashes (lifting, perming and tinting) and brows (smoothing and tinting). So, for that we launched new brushes to facilitate the application of our products and achieve the unbeatable results.

On the one hand, a practical and comfortable premium case with the premium dye brush that includes 3 interchangeable heads and, on the other hand, the new brow dye brush to perform the eyebrow and eyelash tinting service in a more professional and efficient way.

Premium dye brush: includes three interchangeable heads:

  1. A head with goupillon to facilitate the smoothing and brushing of the eyebrows during the hair removal process. It can be washed and disinfected for multiple uses, reducing the use of disposable goupillons.
  2. A flat Dye brush head with synthetic hair for the application of eyelash dye. Thanks to its shape it allows to apply the product without excess and to get as close as possible to the root.
  3. The third one is a perfect beveled synthetic hair brush to give shape to the brows.

The brow dye brush: it is a flat and bevelled brush made of wood and synthetic hair that facilitate the application of eyebrow tint and shaping the design for the perfect result.

Professionalize your saloon with this exclusive case.

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