New Lash Filler!

We launched a new revolutionary product in the field of ¨look¨: the new LASH FILLER BTX. An exclusive treatment formulated to rejuvenate, hydrate, rebuild and redensify natural eyelashes. It is the perfect solution to solve problems of leafiness and lack of vitality.

LASH FILLER BTX works as a regenerative injection in eyelashes to prevent and to reduce hair loss in addition to stimulating their growth. Penetrates the structure of the hair to strengthen and nourish it, leaving more filled and firm eyelashes.

It contains the best natural ingredients in order to get the best result:

• LONGA CÚRCUMA: element with excellent regenerative properties. It can prevent hair loss, stimulate hair´s growth and achieve hair redensification.
• REGENERATING COMPLEX: combination of natural oil, among others there are olive, sunflower, grape and rosehip, which improves the condition of eyelashes in thickness, quantity and length.
• KERATIN: rich protein which strengthens hair, provides volume and flexibility
• Hyaluronic Acid: provides hair with a high level of hydration, making up for negative effects of sunshine, environmental factors and aggressive treatments

A revolutionary NEW product that densifies and gives volume instantly. The perfect complement for the eyelash lifting or perming and tinting service.

Apply it on eyebrows as a complement to the smoothing and tinting services to enhance the result and achieve defined, full eyebrows.

Now you can add a BONUS to your tinting and lifting services with this EXCLUSIVE treatment for professional use.

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