New Glitter Effects Kit

All you can imagine can be created with this decoration kit. The coolest Nail arts with our 3 new effects and 2 new permanent polish from our Miss Glitter On-Off Collection.

Create the most glamorous with this Miss Glitter new colors. With an intense bright thanks to it glitter particles, it has an incredible gel texture that dries on lamp. On a 5 mg format are ideal to use it on one nail or to combine and make some shiny decorations.

  • Miss Glitter Disco: A Silver shade that will make everyone turn to you. Your nail will nonstop shinning, perfect for clients who love glitter.
  • Miss Glitter Moon: A new blue shade, deeper and intense with an incredible shine. Perfect for relaxing and quiet moments.

Play and achieve amazing results with our 3 new shiny dusts from the Effects Collection. Easy to apply and a very profitable product as it is just needed a small amount that you can also encapsulate. With each color base you use you will have different results and endless possibilities.

  • Iridescent Effect: A glitter effect with different color shades.
  • Cosmic Effects: A shine effect with metallic shades.
  • Sea Shell effects: A pearly effect that will give you a copper metal shade applied on top of a dark color.
Get that plus on your manicures and shine more than ever with this incredible collection!

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