gel paint para decoraciones de uñas

New Gel Paint for Nail Decorations!

Discover a different way to make more elaborate and daring decorations, the new Gel Paint.

This new range of effects and decoration allows you to make very fine lines and very well-defined drawings, thus perfecting the creation technique. Gel Paint is fixed to the lamp so it allows the design and decoration to be applied at the rhythm of each professional.

We have 12 colors: white, blue, pink, silver, orange, brown, black, lilac, red, yellow, green and gold. They will allow you to make incredible decorations since they can be mixed between them obtaining infinite color combinations. You will find them in 2 kits of 6 units each.

This new gel is ideal both for working on semi-permanent enamel on a natural nail and on any type of sculpted nail with or without enamel.

Shall we start creating?