tintes de cejas y pestañas thuya

New Eyebrow and Eyelash Dyes

To show off a perfect and intense look, the eyebrow and eyelash tint is the best solution. With it it will seem that you are making up with the minimum effort and you will frame your look with greater power.

Thick, dark and well defined eyebrows are in fashion. In addition to the long, voluminous and natural eyelashes. That is why, at Thuya Professional Line we have developed 3 novelties so that color is the protagonist.

New Black Violet: that offers a more intense tone in the look. Ideal for all kinds of people, both blondes and chestnuts. Special Eyelashes.

New Taupé Gray: perfect for people with very light ash or chestnut blonde tones. Eyebrows Special.

New Ash Brown: lighter and warmer color than Taupé Gray, ideal to give blonde people the maximum naturalness. Eyebrows Special.

What makes our eyebrow and eyelash tints unique is their double action as they provide color and treatment in a single application. Thanks to its active ingredients, it acts on the hair as a cosmetic treatment, strengthening it, repairing it and providing hydration.

Active principles:

Keratin: it is the main component of the outer layer of the hair. Its main functions are to strengthen and repair. It provides resistance, waterproofness and shine.
Argan oil: restores the softness of the hair and hydrates it. The hair absorbs it instantly, repairs it, nourishes it giving it a silky, young and healthy appearance. Thanks to its properties it improves elasticity and flexibility.
Active color: a formulation developed to obtain the best results with an intense and long-lasting coloration.

With this spectacular express treatment you will be perfect and its effects will last between 4 and 6 weeks.

Our collection of eyebrow and eyelash tints offers infinite possibilities since it has a wide range with 9 different shades and a bleach allowing us to make direct color applications or different mixtures.

What color is yours?