New eyelash lift!

A simple look can say many things, that’s why we know that your eyelashes are a fundamental part of your daily life to express yourself.

From Thuya Professional Line we present you the revolutionary facial beauty treatment that is gaining great success and recognition in the world of beauty: the eyelash lift.

Eyelash lifting brings incredible benefits to your look:

  • Lifts and stretches eyelashes gently from the base so they look longer
  • Enhances the look in a natural way (you do not notice that the treatment has been performed)
  • Define your personality, taste and style

For its application process the products are essential:

  • Special lifting glue to place the eyelashes on the mold
  • A crescent-shaped silicone mold (there are several sizes to fit the size and shape of the eyelashes)
  • The permanent gel and the neutralizer to mark the shape of the eyelashes

Thanks to this treatment you will beautify your face in an instant. The results are immediate and last for two months.

Rejuvenate and define your look with the new Thuya eyelash lift, do you dare?