7 Tips to make your nails grow faster

Wearing long and beautiful nails always brings more feminity and beauty to our hands. But many times we have the problem that our nails do not grow enough or when they do they are weak and break easily.

The growth rate of nails varies according to the person and the lifestyle. In general, fingernails grow an average of about 4 millimeters per month. But what can we do to encourage their growth?

  1. Take care of your diet with a diet rich in protein and vitamin D. A balanced menu with dairy, eggs, meat, salmon, sardines…
  2. Exercise your fingers to increase blood flow in that area. It will help them grow stronger. Write with the keyboard, play the piano… That is to say, perform small routines that allow us to activate the circulation.
  3. Be careful. Use gloves for certain activities such as scrubbing. Try to protect them from external aggressions and do not use them as tools to open soft drinks or remove labels.
  4. File in one direction only, always file your nails in one direction to avoid breaking them.
  5. Use a restorative and strengthening treatment to keep your nails strong and healthy. You can do a first intensive treatment by applying the hardener for 15 days in a row once a night and follow with a maintenance treatment once a week..
  6. The shape of the nail is the key. Rounded and oval shapes encourage nail growth. While straighter shapes such as square ones break more easily.
  7. Have your nails manicured and wear nail polish whenever you can. Always use quality glazes and apply a good base before applying the colour.