Nowadays, more and more men tend to take care of themselves and give themselves that extra boost to maintain healthy and radiant skin with simple and effective treatments for a natural result.

At Thuya, we have listened to what men have been asking for so long, and as specialists, we have launched a new line: MEN CARE EDITION. Our laboratory has developed each formula with their needs, skin types, and specific issues in mind. Ensuring the best results.

This new exclusive line for men includes:

For hands and feet:

  • Hand Cream: a hand cream containing vitamins A, D, E, shea butter, and almond oil with easy application and quick absorption. Perfect for daily use to keep hands moisturized.
  • Foot Cream: thanks to its active ingredients, it has moisturizing, antioxidant, and softening properties that promote the elasticity and firmness of the skin on the feet. Eliminating roughness and dryness.
  • Scrub: a medium exfoliant with bamboo particles that removes the buildup of dead cells from the skin’s surface.
  • Nourishing Nails Cream: a nourishing cream that regenerates and increases the keratin in the nails. Essential for the care and protection of cuticles and nails.

Additionally, this new line also includes specific products to enhance their gaze with treatments that eliminate gaps and increase eyebrow density and counteract eye bags:

  • Eye Contour: a special eye contour for men’s facial care that reduces and prevents the appearance of bags and dark circles around the eyes.
  • Booster Gel: a serum developed to intensify the gaze by achieving denser eyebrows. It strengthens and repairs the hair to achieve healthier, fuller, and voluminous eyebrows.

With these new products, we want men to take care of themselves daily, whether at home or when visiting a center or salon for a service.

Discover it!