At Thuya, we are passionate about innovating to offer you the best products that help you maximize your time. That’s why we have launched the new 2 in 1 base & top coat. A single product for your semi-permanent manicure that works perfectly as both Base and Top Coat Shine.

The 2 in 1 base & top coat has a shiny, flexible finish with excellent adhesion, maximizing the efficiency of your manicure service.

Remember that you also have an incredible range of top coats and bases to choose the perfect finish for each of your clients:

  • Top coat shine: extraordinary shine, long-lasting, and easy removal.
  • Top coat anti-yellowing: anti-yellowing, protects the colour, and is ideal for light colours.
  • Top coat shine special effects: with a new formula, no dispersion layer, ideal for effects.
  • Top coat Matte: matte finish, long-lasting, and no dispersion layer.
  • Base coat: protective base, cares for the nail, and prevents yellowing.

From now on, the 2 in 1 base will become one of the essentials to have in your centre or salon to streamline services and help you to the fullest.