Summer is coming and there is nothing we want more than to wear a new manicure. Let’s leave out the dark and neutral colors and fill our nails with the trendiest gel on-off enamels.

Join the trends that will conquer us this season in nail polishes.

1. The pastel Rainbow nails

The trick is to use all the Gel on-off colors of pastel shades that you like and unite them in a single manicure, it can already be creating chromatic ranges of colors, contrasts or single-color manicures. The most outstanding colors of this season are pink nail polish, either bubblegum or pastel, lilac polish, which is one of the quintessential trendy colors of this season, gel on-off coral and gel on-off sky blue.
For this, we advise you to use our ranges of Deluxe Cotton, Deluxe Cupcake, Deluxe Candy enamels and of course our new Deluxe Wish!

2. The neon colors

The most daring this summer can also stand out for their nails. Neon colors are here to stay this season. Get our “Neon Collection” of Gel on-off and play with all of them to get unique designs.

3. The abstract manicures

In recent months abstract nail art has made us all fall in love, but this summer they are stomping. You can combine them with a single-color manicure or wear them on all your nails giving your manicure a more daring touch.
In this case, the colors range is from pastel shades to neons, but what matters is the details you add.
For this, we recommend our Gel Paint, essential to create the strokes of your fine and perfect designs and our Gold Leaf if you want to give a different touch to your manicure

4. The Fruit nails

Add a refreshing and fun touch to your manicures with this new trend. Lemons, kiwis, strawberries, bananas, watermelons, pineapples, papayas … choose your favourite fruit and make it the protagonist.
To give a fresher touch to your “nail art” you can combine our Top Coat Matte and Top Coat shine to create the effect “water drops” on the fruit.

5. French color

Until now we saw all kinds of French, from traditional to encapsulated through transparent. The new trend is to wear the French manicure of each nail in a different color and even making color gradients.

Use our “pyramidal gel” brushes and 0 gel brush to create the perfect French.
As well as our new Gel on-off neon collection for a more striking touch.

Suggest these new trends, in manicures and nail polishes, to your clients so that they were the latest fashion.