4 tips to avoid damaging your manicure in the pool

Taking the occasional dip in the pool shouldn’t affect your client’s manicures

In fact, summer is when visits to beauty centres increase the most to show off perfect hands and feet at the beach and pool. However, there are a couple of precautions you should be aware of so that you can educate your clients if you know that they intend to spend the summer in one’s element.

Unless someone spends a lot of time in a pool, the chlorine used for disinfection should not affect nail polish. The problem, however, can occur with cuticles or built-up nails.

If your client swims frequently in a pool that is disinfected more than once a week, the chances of natural skin oils drying out are very high. Because of the chemicals, the hands and especially the cuticles can become dry and dehydrated.

In addition, prolonged contact of built-up nails (gel and acrylic) with water can also be harmful if we do not ensure a perfect construction. We must take into account not to build excessively close to the cuticle since with the growth of the natural nail lifts can occur. If you know that your client is going to spend many hours swimming this summer, always recommend that she checks during the first week after the construction that no cracks occur. In this way, we avoid moisture from the beach and the pool getting trapped between the natural nail and the construction causing serious infections.