Step by Step: Biten Nails Treatment

Treatment for Bitten Nails

With this treatment for bitten nails, you will eliminate that scruffy appearance of the nails that causes the habit of biting them. Making an acrylic nail construction (porcelain nails), you will leave them spectacular and you will recover their fabulous appearance.

Step by step Bitten nails treatment:

  1. Disinfect your hands with the Preparatory Hygienic Solution.
  2. Remove the cuticle with the Cuticule Pusher.
  3. Perfect the cuticle with the Professional Nail Drill.
  4. Cut the excess cuticle with the Cuticle Nail Clippers and perfect with the Professional Nail Drill.
  5. Clean the nail plate with the Blue Padded Lime superficially and smoothly.
  6. Apply the Artificial Nail Preparer with soft touches.
  7. Apply a small amount of Primer without Acid.
  8. Moisten the Acrylic Brush in monomer.
  9. Form an acrylic pearl with the polymer.
  10. Apply the pearl on the base of the nail and mold with the brush creating the free edge.
  11. Apply a smaller pearl to create the natural curvature of the nail avoiding touching the skin.
  12. Shape the nail and the free edge with the 100/180 Padded Gray File.
  13. Perfect with the 120/180 Black Triangular Fine File.
  14. Soften with the Flash Finisher  File 100/100.
  15. Enamel with On-Off Gel.

If you want to use a mold:

  1. Apply an acrylic pearl to the free edge of the nail.
  2. Mold creating a step or bridge to insert the mold and let dry.
  3. Adjust the mold on the bridge created and apply the pearl on the base of the nail.
  4. Mold taking care not to touch the skin.
  5. Apply the second pearl to create the height point and let dry.
  6. Continue with step 12 of the previous list.

TIPS for proper treatment and care:

  • The preparation of the nail should always be dry.
  • Make the sculpted in cover tones to visually correct the imperfections of the nail plate.
  • Apply Tea Tree Oil daily for cuticle hydration.
  • Perform maintenance after 15 days.