Step by Step Acrylic Gel

Acrylic Gel Nail Construction

Acryllic Gel is an advanced nail construction technique with the most innovative formula. Its composition perfectly combines acrylic and gel techniques, allowing you to enjoy the advantages of both.

Step by step construction with Acrylic Gel:

  1. Disinfect utensils and hands with the Hygienic Preparatory Solution.
  2. File the free edge with the Blue Padded File 120/240.
  3. Remove the Cuticle with the Metal Pusher.
  4. File the nail plate with the Padded File 120/240 smoothly and superficially, in only one direction.
  5. Clean the nail with the Particle Cleansing Brush.
  6. Remove excess moisture by applying a thin layer of Artificial Nail Preparer.
  7. Apply Bonder depending on the nature of the nail.
  8. Place the Tip or Salon Nail Form mold. Cut it if necessary to give a more subtle “C” curvature and adapt it to the nail hypony.
  9. Pour the Acrylic Gel Solution into a Godet.
  10. Take the can of Acrylic Gel and squeeze. Proceed to cut some product with the Spatula.
  11. Apply to the nail and build from a single Acrylic Gel pearl.
  12. Moisten the brush in the Acrylic Gel Solution and mold to create the nail. To lengthen, slide the brush without pressure.
  13. Dry in LED Lamp for 20 seconds or in UV Lamp for 1 minute.
  14. Use the Pinching Tool to form a natural curvature.
  15. Dry in LED Lamp for 40 seconds or in UV Lamp 2 minutes.
  16. Proceed to remove the dispersion layer with the Finisher Gel and remove the mold.
  17. File the sides and cuticles with the Black Triangular Fine File.
  18. Proceed with a 100/180 or 120/140 Granule File and smooth the construction with the Finisher Flash File.
  19. Clean the nail with the Particle Cleansing Brush.

2 Options to finish the process:

  1. Apply a layer of Finishing Gel and dry in LED Lamp for 60 seconds or in UV Lamp for 3 minutes.
  2. Or use classic enamel or Gel On-Off.

Benefits of Acrylic Gel:

  • Strong and resistant: Acrylic Gel is resistant, hard and strong.
  • Safe: It has no monomers or dust in the air.
  • Comfortable: Easy to handle, does not expand, quick and easy application.
  • It is ideal for all types of professionals. Allows you to work quickly, speeding up services.