Paso a Paso: Tratamiento Anti-Aging

Anti-Aging Treatment

The Anti-Aging hand treatment has an anti-aging effect. It is designed to help recover the firmness and elasticity of the skin in an instant. Here we show you, step by step, how to perform this treatment.

Step by Step Anti-Aging Treatment:

  1. Prepare all the necessary material, properly sanitized to perform the Anti-Aging treatment.
  2. Use the Cleansing and Hydrating Lotion to prepare the skin before the treatment. Dilute 1 measure of godet in a bowl of water.
  3. Make an analysis of the nails, cuticles and skin to identify the needs of the client.
  4. File the nails with the Blue File 120/240.
  5. Remove excess cuticle with the Cuticule Pusher.
  6. Exfoliate the area with a massage to remove excess impurities, facilitating the absorption of the next product.
  7. Remove the scrub and apply the Anti-Aging Cream by working the skin internally with a massage of the Gua-Sha technique. Using a polished Jade stone that allows skin scraping and increases blood flow, activating the lymphatic system.
  8. Start the massage with sedative passes by making gentle movements with the fingertips.
  9. Activate the lymphatic system with soft frictions between the fingers with the Jade stone.
  10. Relax the musculature of the palm and fingers through a digital kneading of the area.
  11. To finish the massage, perform friction with both hands with circular movements.
  12. Proceed to apply the Flash Tensor with the Fan Brush.Finally, you can make permanent or traditional enamel.