Perform professional and perfect manicures with this new and incredible kit designed for all professionals in the sector: The essential Russian manicure kit.

It includes:

  • Red Spear Drill (soft): drill designed to separate paronychia and cuticle. Indicated for sensitive cuticle.
  • Polishing/Brightening Strawberry: strawberry drill that smoothes and unifies cuticle. We recommend to perform it as the last step of the Russian manicure/pedicure.
  • Red Microphone Drill (soft): drill recommended for making the cuticle septum and removing it. Smooth emery to lift and push back more sensitive cuticles.
  • Small Sphere Drill (soft): drill designed to finish removing the cuticle and polishing the area to avoid the appearance of hangnails. Great for manicure.
  • Tea Tree Nails Oil