Miss Glitter Mix Kit by On Off.

The Miss Glitter Mix Kit is made up of a range of dazzling colors with a glitter finish and is designed to bring out the maximum shine in your manicures. It contains 3 units of 5gr and one unit of 7ml: Mis Glitter Moon, Miss Glitter Disco, Ginger Glitter, and Sky Glitter.

The kit has two news: the Ginger Glitter, a bright orange-brown tone in a bottle format such as your favorites On Off, and the Sky Glitter, a blue tone full of glitter shine particles.

The glitter’s nail polish texture is thicker than the other ones. That let you obtain full coverty at first coat. It can be easily applied with a gel brush (synthetic hair) and dried in a lamp (drying 30 seconds in LED and 120 in UV ).

They provide an intense shine and are ideal for creating incredible decorations in your manicures.