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The Premium Dye Brush Kit includes a Premium Pye brush that includes 3 interchangeable heads and on the other the new Dye Brow brush to perform the service of eyebrow and eyelash dye in a more professional and effective way.

  • The Premium Dye brush includes three interchangeable heads:
    • A goupillon head for easy smoothing and brushing of eyebrows during the hair removal process. It can be washed and disinfected for multiple uses by reducing the use of disposable trillions.
    • A dye brush head with synthetic hair flat for the application of eyelash dye. Thanks to its shape it allows to deposit the product without excess and get as close to the root as possible.
    • The third headis a beveled synthetic hair brush perfect for eyebrow design for framing and shaping.
  • The Dye Brow brush is a brush of wood and flat and beveled synthetic hair that allows you to apply the eyebrow tint easily framing and shaping the design for a perfect result.