Thuya will be at the Beauty Forum in Munich!

On October 28 and 29 , Thuya will be present at the No. 1 cosmetics fair in Europe, Beauty Forum Munich, in which different sectors of the professional industry operate.

Come by Pavilion C3 and visit our Booth D38 Stand D38, where you will discover all our new products, such as the amazing vegan line for eyebrow and eyelash services and treatments. This line does not include any ingredients of animal origin and offers 4 vegan eyebrow and eyelash dyes, 1 vegan regenerating cream, 1 vegan permanent gel, and 1 vegan cream neutralizer. Additionally, for nail care, you will find the new Dual System Dual System (a fast, easy, and superbly finished nail sculpting system – a technique that requires less application time and shorter, quicker filing). We also have Soft Gel, also known as gel X (a technique that uses flexible gel-made tips that adhere directly over the entire nail plate with Soak off gel).

Let us surprise you with everything we have prepared for you.