New Soak Off

This month in Thuya Professional we are going to launch the new Soak Off, a gel that provides resistance to the natural nail while maintaining flexibility.

This new producto has thicker texture that allows to extend the nail plate up to two millimetres without an extension needed. Because of its auto-levelling effect, it´s perfect to facilitate the application saving time in a professional way.

This Soak Off aligns nails’ base plate getting a much more uniform structure, ideal for working with nails and strengthening them. Moreover, when cure it in lamp does not produce a burning sensation.

This fabulous product is available in a range of 4 different colors depending on the need of your skin:

  • ROSE: coverage Soak off for darker skin tones, ideal for a nude finish effect.
  • ROMANTIC: coverage Soak off with an ideal peach tone for lighter skin tones, indicated for a natural finish effect.
  • BALLERINE (coming soon): french rose tone Soak off that adapts to all skin types providing a natural finish effect.
  • CLEAR: transparent Soak off, ideal to highlight the natural nail without providing any brightness effect. Also recommended to build up the male manicure nail.

Do you already have it?