miss glitter

New Miss Glitter by On-Off Collection

This upcoming season we are crazy about the glitter and we want all your season creations be as flashy, shiny and spectacular… you won’t believe it!!!

With the new Miss Glitter by On-Off collection you will achieve incredible results on your manicures. The kit contains 6 different colors: Joy, Rich, Destiny, Drama Queen, Money & Supreme (5gr each one). The glitter particles Is what make them so intensely bright, it has also a gel texture so they can be easily applied with a brush (synthetic hair) and dried in a lamp (30 seconds drying in LED and 120 in UV). They are just perfect if you want to nail polish your nails or to create some flashy decorations.

• The Gel On-Off gel polish Joy it’s a bright and elegant pink, for most special occasions
• The Gel on-off Rich perfectly matches with this upcoming season with that golden touch
• Follow your silver star with the gel on-off Destiny from miss glitter collection
• Get yourself in to a world full of excellence and glamour with the shiny lilac Drama Queen
• Feel the green power with Gel On-Off Money
• Complete your Miss Glitter collection with the Supreme gel polish, a sparkly and serene blue, for the best parties.

With the kit miss glitter, the gel on-off collection will shine more than ever.

Turn into a glitterholic!