Square Nails Construction

Square nails are a timeless classic that always looks good. In this step-by-step tutorial we will show you how to build beautiful square nails using Acrylic Gel.

Step by Step Square Nails Construction:

  1. Fit the mold into the nail to be constructed and modify it to fit the natural nail. Close the mold according to the shape of the structure.
  2. Remove a pearl from Acrylic Gel by gently squeezing the container.
  3. Using the Acrylic Gel Brush, gently mold the nail with a square shape.
  4. Dry 30 seconds in LED Lamp or 1 minute in UV Lamp to perform pinching. If you skip this step, dry directly for 60 seconds on LED or 180 seconds on UV.
  5. Make pressure with the clamp to get a curvature “C”.
  6. Dry 30 seconds in LED or 1 minute in UV and proceed to remove the mold.
  7. Remove the dispersion layer with Finisher Gel.
  8. Perfect the construction with the Professional Nail Drill.
  9. Apply a layer of Seal Gel with Sun Filter.
  10. Dry 60 seconds on LED or 1 minute on UV.
  11. Hydrate the cuticles by applying Tea Tree Nails Oil.

Then you can glaze and decorate as you like.