New Spring Colors

Spring is approaching and it’ s the right time to enjoy 4 new pastel tones, perfect to wear with the first rays of sunshine.

These new Gel Polishes will be irresistible to your clients:

• Gel On-Off Ballet is a soft, sweet and relaxing pink semi-permanent nail polish shade A subtle shade for an exquisite and delicate manicure.
• Gel On-Off Tiffany Green is a semi-permanent nail polish shade is the perfect mix between green and blue, cool serene and fun.
• Gel On-Off Lime is a fresh and fun lime green semi-permanent nail polish shade full of positive energy. Perfect for a spring nail polish.
• Gel On-Off Sky Blue is a serene and elegant shade of sky blue semi-permanent nail polish. Harmonic and elegant nails.

Fill your Beauty Salon with color and become the star this spring!

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