This season, we’re embracing colours inspired by nature. Three greens that blend with floral tones and a passionate red par excellence.

Discover the four new autumnal on-off gel permanent nail polish colours to mix and match as you like among the more than 190 available shades:

  • Eucalyptus: It’s a revitalizing green shade reminiscent of eucalyptus leaves, with that ideal menthol touch for timeless manicures.
  • Organic: A refreshing and revitalized shade that emulates natural, organic, eco-friendly green for nature enthusiasts.
  • Green Shadow: It’s a permanent nail polish in a deep green tone with a hint of gray, perfectly combinable with the most autumnal and wintery hues.
  • Love: This on-off gel is a quintessential passionate and earthy red, an essential shade for this season

Additionally, you now have two new essential display options in the 14ml format:

  • The Flowers Display: 6 must-have nail polishes in your salon, featuring the trendiest shades for the best manicures: Red Rome, Elegant, Cherry, Romance, Milky Cream, and the new Love so you can add it to your collection.
  • The Jungle Display: 6 autumnal nail polishes you can’t miss. The perfect blend of the three new greenish tones Green Shadow, Eucalyptus, Organic, two browns Chocolate and Autumn and one green Black Green, perfect for mixing and matching or for smooth manicures.

Remember that the new semi-permanent nail polishes Eucalyptus, Organic, Green Shadow, and Love are available in two sizes: 7ml for convenience and 14ml for better value.

What are you waiting for to have them in your Beauty center or salon?