There is a technique on the Nail Art world called Stamping, it is method to decorate the nail in a faster way

The new Art Stamp are 3 different rectangular templates with different textures. Ideals to make any decoration with low relief for your clients. Are also perfect to encapsulate with Acrylic Gel, Soak Off Gel or directly create an effect having a 3D low relief design on the nail.

Its application is very easy and there are two options: For the first one you just have to build the nail with acrylic and stamp the mould before it dries. The second option is to apply Gel On-Off in the mould, dry it in the lamp and adhere it to the nail encapsulate it with soak off gel.

Join the new Nail Art trend and create endless and different designs with the Art Stamp.

Without doubt, this product will become one of your essentials for your client in your salon.

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