Hands and feet are the ones we forget when it comes to take care of them, but indeed to have give them the deserved importance. For this reason, we Thuya are launching three new kits to give them all the care and protection they need with products specially designed for this purpose.

The three new hands and feet kits are:

  • Kit Daily Care:a special treatment to keep hands and feet soft and taken care for the conventional pedicure and manicure service. This kit contains: preparative hygienic solution 50ml, apricot seed soft scrub 100ml, hand cream for daily care 250ml, brown sugar scrub 100ml, foot cream with urea for everyday care 250ml and white spatula. The basic for daily care and treatment.
  • Kit Foot Rescue: a treatment designed to take care of the most sensitive and delicate feet, especially to eliminate hardness and calluses.This kit contains: 225ml cleansing and moisturizing lotion, 60ml cuticle and callus softener, 100ml pomegranate seed scrub, 100ml foot rescue cream and a white spatula. Ideal to use during all year when your skin heels start to crack you feel uncomfortable.
  • Kit Nails Care: the perfect treatment for nail and cuticle care. This kit contains: 100ml cuticle remover, 75ml instant liss oil, 15ml nail repair cream and cuticle separator brush. This is a perfect kit for your clients that want to add a superior touch to their nails to keep them healthy and strong.

Choose and suggests the kit that best suits your customers’ needs and start today offering personalized services focused on hands and feet care.

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