At Thuya we are at the forefront of innovation and following the Art Strass trend we have created the perfect kit for all the designs and nail arts you make, the Art Strass kit.

With this kit you will get the most out of your manicures by letting your imagination run wild and turning your nails into state of the art, small works full of glamor, light and elegance.

This incredible kit is made up of high standard products of nail decoration industry:

  • ART Glue: the best ally to fix our new Art pearls and arts Crystals decoration lines. Easy and safe way to fix your decorations.
  • ART Crystals: go crazy with “brilli brilli”, a unique effect in your manicures, create shapes, drawings and any pattern you can imagine. Delicate rhinestones in two color tones and unlimited sizes (2 units).
  • Art Pearls:sophisticated and light. In three different sizes to choose from. Give an elegant touch to your nails (3 units).
  • ART Strips: rolls of self-adhesive tape that can be combined with all our products: permanent gel on-off enamel, acrylic gel, gel advanced evolution, among others. You will be able to create patterns and designs with straight lines (2 units).
  • ART Stamp: rectangular templates with different textures ideal for making low-relief decorations for your clients (1 unit) + an essential Art Stamp Card.

Join this nail trend and give your manicures a plus of fun, creativity and daring to stand out on the market.

What are you waiting for to get your kit?

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