Matt nails trend with on-off

A way to work the permanent nail polish to get the matte shades.

If up to now we have always worked the On-Off gel with gloss, now we can obtain the same colours but in matt finish or even combine the matt with the gloss. With this simple step by step you will know how to do it.

Decoration with On-Off Gel in matt tones combined with gloss:

  1. Prepare the nail according to our Gel On-Off protocol.
  2. Give a first layer of black On-Off gel and dry for 2 minutes. Give a second layer of the same colour and dry for 2 minutes.
  3. Apply the glossy UV top coat to seal the colour, dry on a lamp for 2 minutes and finish with gel finisher.

The steps we have seen so far are the usual ones for a permanent gloss coating. To achieve the matt effect:

  1. We pass the Flash Finisher file superficially over the whole nail, making sure there are no shiny areas. Finish again with gel finisher.
  2. With gold and silver on-off gel we decorate the French one and dry it for 2 minutes.
  3. We apply top coat gloss drawing the French one. Dry and finish.