Summer is to live and fill with colors, joy and desire to have fun. We love manicures with fun and fresh colors that give our nails a bold touch. For all these moments of madness and fun we have the perfect kit, HOLIDAY VIBES.

This new on-off permanent gel polish kit includes the ideal shades for this summer:

  • Lemon Yellow: This nail polish is fun and different with a lemon yellow hue for a fresh and radiant manicure.
  • Bubblegum: A fresh pink permanent polish that brings your nails to life.
  • Coconut: Permanent Gel On-Off nail polish is the elegance of simplicity. A delicate and stimulating ivory nude color for your manicures.
  • Eden: this semi-permanent nail polish will transport you to paradise. An intense, fun and extreme green.
  • Fiji: dive into crystal clear waters. A cheerful and luminous aquamarine blue tone.
  • Nature: is an organic green tone inspired by the colors of nature.
  • Lavender Dreams: a perfect lilac tone to bring vitality as well as having a great power of attraction. A lavender color but with a vibrant and intense shade.
  • Lime: is a fresh and fun lime green semi-permanent nail polish, full of positive energy
  • Mint Dreams: a mint green that radiates light and brings joy. A must have in your beauty salon.
  • Pure Fire: an on-off gel with an intense and passionate red tone. As the name suggests, you will be pure fire with your manicure.
  • Blue Dreams: it is a sweet and intense blue at the same time. Calm and deep, it achieves the perfect balance between strength and femininity.
  • Tangerine Pastel: a permanent polish in a soft orange hue. A warm and feminine color that will bring your manicure to life

With the quality assurance of your quick-drying on-off gel, extraordinary shine, intense color and produced in our laboratory in Barcelona. A handy kit ideal for your summer manicure.

Discover them!

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