Nail construction techniques are constantly changing and evolving to perform the manicure service more easily, comfortably and naturally. That’s why at Thuya we launched two new ways to build nails: Dual System and Soft Gel.

  • Dual System, a quick, easy, and amazingly finished nail sculpting system. Sculpted nails fast, easy and with an incredible finish. It’s a technique that requires less application time and shorter, faster filing.

It’s perfect for professionals looking to offer a more efficient service, saving time, filing, and product. Achieve more flexible and resilient nails. With Dual System molds, resulting in beautiful, fine, and sturdy nails.

Our Acrylic Gel is the perfect companion for achieving nail extensions with a flawless design.

  • Soft Gel, also known as Gel X, is a technique that uses flexible gel-made tips adhered directly to the entire nail plate surface with Soak off gel.

These tips cure under a lamp, allowing you to focus on nail art rather than sculpting. It’s ideal for achieving lightweight, thin, and flexible nails. Providing a quick service for clients looking for nail extensions in just a few minutes.

Our soft gel tips are comfortable to wear as they barely Increase nail thickness, and they are easily removable. Instantly longer nails.

Both methods are available in two shapes to achieve different nail finishes: Dual System is available in Coffin and Square, while Soft Gel comes in Medium Stiletto and Medium Coffin shapes.

Two introductory kits for both techniques, the Dual System Intro Kit and the Soft Gel Intro Kit. This October don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your technique

Incorporate the latest, easy-to-use, and versatile products into your salon or center.