Do not miss the latest trend that is booming: ART STRASS. This technique is focused on Nail Decoration with crystals, pearls or any other decorative element. It is perfect no just for a special occasion but moreover to give your manicures a different and original touch

As always Thuya is on the latest trends, so we are joining it by offering two essential decorations:

  • Art Crystals:Go crazy with the blink blink, a unique effect for your manicures. Create any shape or draw any pattern you can imagine. Delicate rhinestones in two different colours and infinity sizes.
  • Art Pearls:Sophisticated and light. In three different sizes to choose from. Give and elegant touch to your nails.
  • Art Glue: The best ally to apply the Art Crystals and Pearls. Fix your decorations easily and securely.

The Art Strasscan be used on any type of nail polish or constructions, acrylic and gel.

Do not miss this opportunity for your clients to enjoy the most impressive manicures by using your imagination and creativity.

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