An incredible new treatment to fight wrinkles and bags in the eye contour area.

The eyes are the most expressive area of the face, so to enhance our look we must take care of them and beautify them with the best treatments.

The new Eye Care concentrate is a highly concentrated serum for the anti-aging care of the eye area that reduces and prevents the appearance of bags, dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes.

Thanks to the combination of two highly effective peptides, the results begin to be visible after 7 days, managing to minimize tissue deterioration, increase hydration, decrease swelling and increase brightness.

With Eyecare Concentrate reduce wrinkles around the eyes and solving all its imperfections for total care.

Available in a special launch kit! Eye Care Concentrate with the new make-up remover Micellar Water with chamomile extract and pea protein. The perfect combination to clean, care for and combat the effects of age in the eye contour area.

Perfect for your clients!

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