New effects collection and top coat shine special effects

A shine, a spark, a reflection, a light…¿ Do you want to give a special touch to your manicures? With the new Thuya effects collection you can unleash your imagination and get results with endless combinations.

It’s a pack of 6 iridescent powders with different effect each: Sun Power, Frost Spell, Snowflake, Dragon Eye, Pink Princess and Moon Light.

They are super easy to apply, just apply it to small touches with brush. They can also be encapsulated. With each enamel colour you use as base, they will look different so the finishes that you will get are endless.

In addition, we present our new TOP COAT from our range of on-off, ideal for adhering the effects from our effects collection.

¿Why is it special for effects? Due to its form of application that facilitates maximum adhesion and shine. As it is NO WIPE has no need to finish and its cured in LED lamp for 30 seconds and 120 seconds in UV lamp.


Add fantasy to your manicures!